Apple Fixed Layout Format

In eBook publishing a reader prefers a well formatted book for better reading experience. They use ePub format for the devices like iPad, Sony Reader, Nook and Mobi format for Kindle devices. ePub has some outstanding features like content flows according to the resolution of the devices, embedding audio/video. It includes complex tables, images and the text.

But what about Comic books? When it comes to Comic books, illustrations generally fits to the whole page of the book, but when it comes to eBook we had to break the images into two separate images to adjust according to the size of eBook device screen. See the figure below:

fixed layout ebook conversion

Apple has created a “Fixed layout format for iPad”, which fulfills the requirement of Comic books and other books where illustration need to fit to the device screen. See the figure below:

ipad book conversion services

Productions of Apple’s fixed layout format is little complex than the general eBook formatting services. It is very important to take care of the image resolution, page layout, typesetting and embed fonts in fixed layout formats. This is the beauty of this format. When you read this format of iPad, it presents richer layout than the any other eBook format.

Global eBook Conversion offers eBook conversion services. Our services includes ePub Conversion, Apple’s Fixed layout Conversion, Mobi conversion etc. We accepts base formats like InDesign, Adobe PDF, MS Word document etc.

The author is the Project Manager of eBook conversion team at GEC.