eBook Conversion Project – Agile Way

Agile is a way of project management using which complex projects can be handled easily and can be reached to a goal of success.

Handling eBook projects using Agile method ensures the sure success of eBook Conversion (ePub, Mobi, Fixed Layout formats etc) projects.

How it works?

Agile might be an incremental approach of building eBook formats. Team gathers requirements; divide this requirement into sprints of work. Sprint is a short time period (generally 2 weeks) during which team makes progress on selected tasks and delivers these tasks successfully at the end of each sprint.

This gives a chance to client to review the ebooks during the project development and provide their input in giving feedback to team.

Agile works in a great way in change management. If client wants to introduce any change in the eBook, this way of project management provides them opportunity to do so unlike other ways of project management. Every time client wants any change they can have team work on that in the next sprint. Seems interesting?

How it ensures that project will be successful?

Firstly, time to time involvement of client at the end of each sprint makes sure that team is meeting client’s expectation in ebook conversion. There cannot be any misunderstanding as team is delivering the eBooks at the end of each sprint & working on the feedback at the same time.

Secondly, there is a day to day interaction between team members discussing project progress in the form of daily scrum meeting:

  1. What you did yesterday?
  2. What are working on today?
  3. What are the current challenges?

There are many other factors that makes sure the success of eBook projects.

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