What an EBook conversion and formatting service can do to your print material?

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On January 12, 2018
Last modified:January 23, 2018


Everything on this planet is going digital, whether its money, shopping or by that matter, everything else then why not your printed information that you save your appetite for?

Why to carry hard copy of your information in bulk when you can have the same thing handy, portable, easily convertible and shareable.

The time is gone when you used to carry a lot of books in your bag because you were not sure about your mood swings. The book that you want to read depends on your mood and feels so it’s hard to choose one. Now, the ball has revolved giving you the choice to use EBook conversion service and get your printed books converted into digital formats and carry them wherever you go. No worries, what to carry and how, where to get your books from? No more question(s), just take your library along with you and read stuff that your mood permits.

We here at GEC (Global EBook Conversion) focus on EBook format that all the platforms and devices accept with no compatibility issues.  Yes, you heard that right, we work on valid epub formatting service wherein we convert your printed information using our conversion service to epub and then applying different validations to make it run on all the newly launched devices so that you do not need to spend money to buy a new device just to read your old stuff.

Epub itself does not work on Apple products or any other device wherein validation of standards are concerned. For an example, an epub without validation will not work on iPads.


So, our experts in here focus on the following points:

  • Creating validated content which is playable across all the devices.
  • Offering competitive pricing so that everyone interested can approach and read their favorite stuff.
  • Proofreading: We make sure that there are no production errors in EBook text and graphics that may mislead or confuse our readers.
  • EBook conversion and formatting services.
  • On time delivery of EBooks.

What are the benefits of Valid Epub?

  • No formatting errors
  • Standardization
  • No compatibility issues
  • Run on all old and new devices without any further conversion or formatting.
  • Supporting fixed layouts as well as re-flow-able content.

I believe you liked the way we work so why to wait to experience the same. Hand over your content and let us convert, format as well as publish your content in its digital form so that you can read your stuff whenever you feel like and share the same with your loved ones.

Please fill our form or call us at (+91) 70194 86827 and do share your thoughts. Put all the responsibilities on our shoulders and let us meet your expectations.