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With the realization of the change in the digital eBook commerce and publishers trying to impend with the changes, Global eBook Conversion has temperate some facts and knowledge on how to evaluate the parameters in eBook conversion, the availability of miscellaneous formats in the market, some queries and abstracts often asked by the publishers on the means of eBook conversion or eBook designing.

  • Quality Evaluation
  • eBook Formats
  • eBook Statistics

Quality Evaluation

Global eBook Conversion is well aware of the fact that as a eBook publisher or a eBook Publishing Company, you are commending your most compelling possession to us and so the reading facility and your publication rests on providing the best quality eBook design that is of the identical standard that your publication has been in. Global eBook Conversion provides a team comprising of thousands of person hours advancing a lean digital conversion system that meticulously validates every potential error that may be occurred in the process of eBook conversion. The following up of the standards is an essential. Following is a framework of our General and Device specific standards:


Apple iPad
Amazon Kindle
FormatsApple iPad reads .ePub formats including fixed layoutFormatsKindle reads .mobi format
ImagesWe prefer PNG, JPEG, GIF formatsImagesWe prefer .GIF, .JPG, .BMP, .PNG formats
FootnotesFootnotes will be linked to the same placeFootnotesFootnotes will be linked to the same place
Table of ContentsIt will be in the begining of the ebookTable of ContentsIt will be in the begining and at the end of the ebook
Special CharactersYou have to Unicode and use either UTF-8 or UTF-16Special CharactersYou can not render non-latin characters in Kindle. You have to embed the letters.
ChaptersEvery chapter has to be in separe HTML fileChaptersChapter can be separated using page breaks
HeadingsAll the headings will be choosen as per the content heirarchyHeadingsAll the headings will be choosen as per the content heirarchy


eBook Formats

Akin to every dissimilar aggravated technology, the history of eBooks maybe short yet has gained plenty of propulsion whenever various publishers have augmented or indulged one format or the other. The following list discloses all the formats that can be read on various eBook readers devices:

FormatFile ExtensionDRM SupportImage SupportSound SupportBook Marking
Plain text.txt
Portable Document Format (PDF).pdf
ePub (IDPF).epub
Mobipocket.prc, .mobi
Microsoft Reader.lit
Multimedia EBook.exe


eBook Statistics

Desire to know more about the eBook industry and eBook publishing service? Feel free to check out the following information to benefit you with taking a decision:

  • In the GB Publisher Association calculable eBook downloads at £85m in 2008.
  • In the U.S.A. the Association of yank Publishers reported internet eBook sales of $113m in 2008. In 2009, the sales total associate astounding $165million reported from simply fifteen publishers for wholesale statistics. Latest info is offered at the IDPF web site –
  • Citigroup™ calculable 550k Kindles oversubscribed in 2008: latest estimates counsel 1m Kindles oversubscribed by summer 2009.
  • Japanese press reported  300k Sony readers oversubscribed by finish of 2008.
  • Stanza free eBook reader for iPhone had 1.3m installs and 3m eBooks downloaded before purchase by Amazon™.
  • Amazon™ says that Kindle sales square measure forty eighth of total for books wherever a Kindle version is offered.
  • Forester™ analysis predicts eReader sales within the U.S.A. to total 3m in 2009 with Amazon™ taking a hour share and Sony™ thirty fifth.